Meet the Founder

Loren FordLoren Ford, his first experience in printing came through McKinley Junior High School in Pasadena when he opted to take instruction in printing instead of wood working or auto shop.
He started part-time with the internationally renowned nonprofit World Vision in 1963. He learned how to solve customer needs when World Vision needed a specific type of printer for Christmas card boxes, but couldn’t print them on the presses they had.

Loren Ford and his brother found a specialty press that they used to handprint thousands of the boxes.

After serving in the army during Vietnam, he returned home and opened Ford Printing and Mailing in 1971.

Loren began meeting needs of customers around Pasadena City College who needed thousands of flyers and booklets. He continued serving World Vision and customers who needed inserts. The business evolved into print and mail early on.

Loren Ford and Jack DuncanThe business later grew by working with his friend and partner Jack Duncan, who managed major grocery store chains in California and serviced accounts.

Ford Printing and Mailing grew by providing consistent quality in all types of printed materials while adding mailing services.

A decade later, Loren and Jack saw a specific need in the pool industry when they were approached by Phil Leslie, the founder of Leslie Pool Supply. Pool List USA grew from meeting that need and is now a leading supplier of mailing lists for homeowners of in-ground pools throughout the United States.